"I did a 3500% returns in 1 day!"

"I did a 3500% returns in 1 day!"

Hey, what's up guys? 

My name is Mike, coming to you from beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado, my home, and I want to tell you a little bit about the 13 Market Moves YouTube channel, something that I have used to great success. 

I have been trading for just a little bit under a year. I have a really good friend. I was best man at his wedding. 

He works for a trading firm at the CBOE in Chicago. They do coaching, things like that, and he got me interested in the market.
CASESTUDY: "In 2 weeks, my account is up by $200,000!"
But like a lot of you, I started with a Robinhood account, didn't put much money in there, had a little bit of success but really was out there looking for more ways to be successful, better ways to leverage what I was doing, learn about options. 

Found the 13 Market Moves channel. 

Leo's videos are so fun. 

The gains that he makes, the things that he posts, it's outrageous. It's fun, but it actually works. 

I'm living proof.
"I started with a Robinhood account..."
In October, I took $2,500. 

In less than a month, I made it into $20,000 using this formula. 

The way that he explains things with three simple indicators and the moving averages, it really makes it something that a new trader can latch onto and really learn from. 

Before Leo, I didn't even know what the VIX was and now it's on my screen at all times. 

Just last week, I took a 75 cent put in Amazon and was able in a single day to turn it into $23. 

I did that on two separate strikes with a number of options. 

So I think it was 3500% returns, a single day

And it wasn't even a big market moving day, but it was following the principles that I learned on this channel that were able to get me to that place.
In less than a month, I made it into $20,000 using this formula. 
One of the things that I like to do with the channel is go back and look at other videos. 

His live trading videos to me are a huge help. 

If you have a platform like think or swim, you can go to the on demand feature, go back to the day of his trades and follow along with them yourself. 

You can even retrade exactly what he did in real time, so that you can start to get that feel for how the options create that much profit. 

When you watch these videos that he posts daily, it's important to pay close attention to what he's telling you. 

The difference when you're buying a weekly option, if you buy it at 9:00 instead of 9:30 in the morning, that you might lose 50% on one purchase time and make 500% on another purchase time.
And it's really if you had listened carefully to what he had said, you'll be able to understand the differences in how the stock looks, how the market looks, the volume, the VIX. 

You're usually shorting a bounce or buying a dip. And so it's really important to get that timing absolutely perfect. 

And the best way to do that is the study the past and to look at those different indicators and figure out how a dip or a big run up actually looks.
the gains on this channel are real
So that's about it guys. 

Like I said, the gains on this channel are real. 

You can really learn these things and I'm living proof that the profit potential in the thousands of percent in single days is right there for the taking. 

So good luck in trading and let's roll.
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