"$2K in 1 day using 1 trade!"

"$2K in a day using 1 trade!"

What I have here is the chart of BKNG. 

This was a trade that I took starting Thursday morning and held it until Friday morning. 

I was at work and I was trading on my cell phone, which I hate to do. However, the great advice that Leo was sharing on the YouTube channel, basically with the market moves and the sequences that they were in, starting at a transition on Wednesday of a market move nine then going to 11, possibly 11 three and then from that 11 three to a three which is a market fall. 

So using much of Leo's advice, I pull up multiple charts.
CASESTUDY: "In 2 weeks, my account is up by $200,000!"
This is the one year chart. This is a 90 day chart. 

This is the two day chart. 

This is a one day, one minute. 

This is five minutes. 

Basically not to draw this out, I took the trade here about 10 10. 

I bought the one put strike, the put strike of 1860 and it was for $8.10, which is $810 plus a 65 cents fee because I use TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim. 

This is obviously the trading platform here.
"I bought the one put strike, the put strike of 1860 and it was for $8.10"
I don't know about you, but whenever I get into a trade, trades do go against me 85% of the time. 

So I got in right about here, and the trade started going against me right here. Dropped down to about $763. 

Right about here, I was at about $863 making about 50 bucks. 

Here was the jump right here. 

My account went from 860 to $458. Right here, $460. 

It held this for almost a solid hour. 

Man, you start to sweat, however you look at this chart on the extended timeframe and it's going to continue the sequence. 

With Leo's advice, I was able to through this, I got some relief right about noon. 

Sometimes noon is the opposite where you're going to get a lot of volume and pickup and the trades start to go against you if you're on the put side. 

It was doing the opposite and it started to roll.
So I was holding overnight. 

I saw this spike. 
So right about here, my account was probably at about $880, $896 right about here. 

Also thinking about depreciation, I know I had one day left, so make the most of it. 

However, what Leo was saying with the levels, how BKNG could drop. I was confident. 

So I was holding overnight. 

I saw this spike. 

After hours, I was watching. I wasn't worried. I didn't have any type of earnings coming up, wouldn't sustain that spike. 

BKNG deals with the travel of booking airplanes, hotels, even private homes and cottages internationally.
With the Coronavirus going on and of course the flu spreading in America and now the Coronavirus has been detected in a couple of states, this puts fear into travel, booking. 

So as he was saying all week, travel stocks, short travel stocks. Short travel stocks because this is just the beginning. 

Short the travel stocks. 

Not because nobody or anybody wants something to evil to happen, but this was already happening. 

In this type of market condition, it was going to depreciate these stocks that fall forth.
I jumped out with a $2,000, roughly $2,000 profit.
So right about here, I was at work. 

So when I looked at my phone, I opened it up. 

This was, what time was it? 

About 9:40. No, I actually looked at my phone here about 10:00. 

Oh my gosh. I had two grand sitting in my account from my $810 investment. I had two grand sitting there. 

At work, I was not able to constantly monitor this, so I was afraid to put limit orders in and worried about it not really hitting. 

Couldn't watch the volume so I jumped out. I jumped out with a $2,000, roughly $2,000 profit. 

So it fell a little bit more. It's like, you know what? 

I'm going to get back in. 

Bad mistake. I got back in at a lower strike. 

I locked into gains of a solid $1,100 at the time. 

So I jumped back in, got a lower strike. I forget what strike I bought.
So basically I was only able to watch it for about another 30, 45 minutes. 

Not consistently but just sporadically. 

When I got back to about a thousand dollars, because I made an investment of 700, and it made another three for a total of about having $1,000 in my account. 

I went ahead and got out because I couldn't watch it and didn't want to fumble this any worse than what I'd done. 

However, if I had held that original 1860 put, that was selling for at least 29.30 or 32.10. 

Pretty sure that I could have gotten a clean $30 which would have been 3,000 for $810 investment. 

Basically for overnight hold to an afternoon.
I have to thank Leo for the market moves and to trade fearlessly like a lion. 

This information he gives to people who pay attention on YouTube for free. 

If you can open up anything that has a browser from a telephone, to a tablet, to of course a computer, he is showing you how to make real money.
Let me show you this quick picture. 

This is on my portable trading, my cell phone. 

This was Friday. 

That was a 223.72% increase. 

This is what I made altogether on that trade. 

You cannot fight the facts. 13 market moves, and Leo is the real deal.
You cannot fight the facts. 13 market moves, and Leo is the real deal.
If you notice here, this is my account amount, and I have $1,082.99 that I can invest in on Monday because I'll be off from work Monday and Tuesday. 

But I did make a purchase for another put that I was looking at in a small stock. 

Everything that you can learn from Leo, do it because it's life changing information. He has changed my life. 

No refuting that. 

Thank you, Leo. 

Thank you for this privilege, and I appreciate it and one day look forward to being in a million dollar club.
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